Saturday, November 5, 2011

Love Hate

Things I love....
  • Mia famiglia (even though they do fall into the category below at times)
  • Strawberries
  • My friends
  • Zebras
  • Sex
  • Chocolate
  • Peter Murphy
  • My kitties
  • Vampires
  • My tattoo's
  • Ipad
  • Erotica
  • Talking about sex with anyone who appreciates it as much as I do
  • People who make me think
  • Joe Strummer
  • Cooking
  • Sleep

Ahhh sleep.  I love sleep, sleeping, dreaming, snuggling up under warm blankets.  I love going to bed and falling asleep easily, sleeping through the night, and waking up refreshed.  Unfortunately, that rarely happens.  I have difficulty falling asleep quite often.  My brain just doesn't want to shut off the million things going through it on a regular basis.  And when beautiful sleep does find me, it doesn't take much for me to wake again and be bombarded by all the thoughts I'd rather not be thinking about at 3:00 am.  I'm a horrible napper.  It just rarely happens for me unless I'm sick.  But oh those days when everything aligns and sleep, glorious sleep comes to me, I wonder if I'm actually smiling in my sleep at the joy I'm feeling.

Things I hate...
  • Oranges
  • Olive Garden (or any mass produced chain of mediocre food)
  • Ignorance
  • Posers
  • Phoniness (see posers)
  • Talking politics or religion with anyone too emotionally invested
  • Being ignored
  • Stinkeye
  • Lame jokes sent to my cell phone
  • Writers block
  • Bad music (I'm talking to you Coldplay, Nickleback, and many others)
  • Bigotry of any kind
  • Judgmental people
  • Vulgarity 
  • Insomnia
  • Liars
  • Spam calls to my cell phone (I'm on the do not call list, still get them)
  • Hot dogs

Hot dogs.  Yes I hate them.  I didn't like them as a child and I don't like them now.  They are one of those foods that can be described as containing everything but the squeal (at least when they are made from pork, otherwise they would be containing everything but the moo).  A tube of God only knows what, forced into a casing and then boiled, fried, grilled whatever.  They're so disgusting.  Hooves and snout and *shudder* whatever else.  And those Chicago dogs look worst of all!   I don't know what's is more nauseating, that neon green relish or all the other stuff that pretty much amounts to putting a salad on top of your hot dog.  Either way, it's fucking gross.  Then again, all that other stuff probably masks the grossness of the dog itself.  Don't they even put mayonnaise on it?  I happen to like mayo, the real stuff not that disgusting Miracle Whip shit, but putting it on a hot dog sounds nasty.  So no, when I go to a ball game I do not eat hot dogs.  When I go to a picnic, I do not eat hot dogs.  When I go to my nieces birthday party every year, I do not eat those disgusting croissant dogs that she loves so much.  I'll take a burger thankyouverymuch.


  1. It's doesn't have to be mystery meat. There are some very good hotdogs in the world. Even delicious toppings. Sweetbreads on the other hand - now we have something worth hating!

  2. Ugh to sweetbreads. But I love a good hot dog. I'm pickier now than I used to be. :D and I was raised on Miracle Whip, which I still love. It is a love it or hate it kind of food. So I understand. Because I am not fond of mayo, which always tasted like white grease to me.

    Love your lists. xo

  3. I have to confess, I love Chicago style hot dogs (made two last night) but honestly I do understand the gross factor. Funny you should write about this, the other day on his talk show, Anderson Cooper was talking about how much he loves hot dogs. He had a nutritionist on the show, and she had a covered plate. She said, "You want to know what's really in hot dogs?" When she lifted the plate, there were hog snouts and chicken feet and some other stuff that I couldn't quite make out which is just as well. Literal food for thought... And I love your lists too, I make lists all the time, even lists of lists, then promptly forget where I put them :-)

  4. Yeah, everything but the squeal or moo, including eyeballs. I just wanted to throw that bit of info in there. ;p

  5. You forgot someone on your hate list...starts with Bob...ends with Saget! LOL Great read!

  6. I was trying to keep the hate category free of actual people, the list would grow too long otherwise ;)

  7. Great lists. I don't like hot dogs but I also don't like burgers unless they're home-made with real meat.

  8. I loved getting to know you through this post, Lalia! =) I'm totally with you on the coziness of bed and loving sleep. =) I often bring my laptop over to my bed in the pretense that I'm going to get work done... and then... well, it doesn't get done. =P

  9. I wish I didn't like hot dogs, as they are vile. But miracle whip? The miracle is that someone buys that crap! Disgusting...

  10. Funny post! As for hot dogs, i am not a huge fan, but I have the occasional one. It is ketchup I hate. Don't know why.