Monday, August 15, 2011

My 7 Links - Be Afraid!

Thank you to Janine at Reflections From a Redhead, for nominating me for the #My7Links project.  Like her, I guess I was living under a rock because I never heard of this but I'm here and ready to give it a go.  Why the hell not.  My blog is one year old today and instead of having a party, I will look back at all the dirt I've spilled, stories I've told, insanity I've experienced, and all the stuff I've blabbed about in my goofy life.

Most Beautiful Post:  Interesting.  I don't often write of beauty.  I write what moves me, what compels me.  I may start out with a clear idea in mind of something I want to write about but then when I sit down to write it, it ends up going in a completely different direction.  When that kept happening I decided that it's better for me to just sit down and see where my fingers go on the keyboard.  But this one, Sold, holds a lot of importance to me.  It's full of memories of growing up and being in my Grandmother's house.  I love this post and I think it conveys the beauty and the love I had for one of the most important women in my life.

Most Popular Post of All Time:  This was easy, and in truth I think that this post fits into almost every category I'll be covering today.  You Are Beautiful is about my niece and the troubles she's experienced throughout her days in school from grades 1-8.  Fittingly, today is her first day of high school and I hope it's a new beginning for her.  This post struck a cord with many and got me the most hits out of any post I had ever written.  It made me cry when I wrote it and makes me cry every time I read it.

Most Controversial Post:  This was also an easy one to pick.  It was chosen for a very good reason since it could very easily offend a lot of people.  So fair warning if you do click the link for Turning a Corner.  It's about words, certain words that we give power to offend and overcoming that. It will probably still offend but I guess it wouldn't be considered controversial if it didn't offend at least someone.  At certain times I've thought about removing it, then I read it again and the truth is, I really like it.  So it stays.  A friend of mine told me once that it's my blog and I should say whatever I want.  And she's right.  And well, I sure as hell have said whatever I want!

Most Helpful Post:  Now we're getting into a spot where I'm not really sure what post of mine could be considered helpful.  But then it hit me like a ton of bricks, Screw Guilt should be considered helpful.  It helped me look past the circumstances going on in my life and towards something else.  It helped me to realize that I can't always be everything to everyone and that sometimes you just have to do the things that make you happy.  In the big scheme when I'm old and in adult diapers, mind wandering aimlessly from butterflies to pudding cups, the thought, "dammit, I should have paid more than the minimum monthly requirement on that bill back in 2011" probably won't cross my mind.  So fucking screw guilt!  Live.

A Post Whose Success Surprises Me:  I think the part that surprises me most is how many women, like myself, don't know their bra size.  And hell, after a trilogy of posts on the subject, starting with Embracing the Third D, I still don't know if mine is accurate!  But I persevered through it and lived to tell Embracing the Third D Part II and Embracing the Third D Epilogue.  I guess that's technically three posts, which will make this my 9 links, but once a rebel always a rebel.

A Post I Feel Didn't Get the Attention it Deserves:  All of them!   Eh, OK.  Not really.  But Realizing My Worth is one that I guess for me embodies a lot of emotion for me and might have actually been the first time I really opened up about myself and my life on the blog.  It was written only a week or so after I started the blog but it showed me what I can achieve with it, how I can express myself and how this blog could really be the outlet that I've been looking for, for so long.

The Post I'm Most Proud Of:  This was an exercise in #PBAU, the bloggers group I am privileged to be a part of just a few weeks ago.  Seven and Seven was a very difficult blog to write but it is one that I am the most proud of.  Proud of it in many ways.  The fact that I was able to write it at all.  This was the first time I ever wrote it down.   I'm proud that I was able to share it.  And I'm very proud that I never let it rule me, confine me, or define me.

Damn, that was tough, but interesting and kind of fun too.  Thanks again for nominating me Janine.  I feel truly honored.  And now it's my turn to bestow the honor on a few other unsuspecting fools =)

I chose Aaron at Aaron Outward

Eric at I've Become My Parents

And Joy at Catharsis

Good luck!


  1. Happy Blogaversary Lalia!! This is really worth celebrating because I bet your readers are thrilled that you continue to write and come up with great material. I am proud to say that I've read all your awesome 7 and what I love about you/this site is that there is so much honesty to it and I personally love the flow when I read your essays. More power and here's to many many more years of amazing blogging! (Now I must go and work on this project, hehehe)...

  2. I can't believe it is a year already! You have spilled your guts and opened your heart and it makes me love you even more my friend! xoxo and best wishes for many more years of blogging!!!

  3. Congrats on your one-year blogaversary! I'm happy I met you through pbau. You write with such honesty and heart. Some of these posts I read, but I'll have to get cracking on the others! ;p

  4. Awesome stuff and happy b-day! After only following you for a little over a month or so, I remember some of these posts already : ) I'll check out your others now - this is such a great (but horridly hard!) exercise!

  5. What a great collection of posts. Some I already knew but thoroughly enjoyed those I had not seen before.

  6. Happy Blogaversary and may there be many more. You have shown great variety and depth in your writing from powerful posts such as "Seven and Seven" and "Turning A Corner" to the heartrending, "Realizing my Worth" to the hilarious "Embracing the Third D" LOL, and the beautiful, nostalgic, "Sold." So keep up the good work.

  7. Happy Anniversary Lalia --I find all of your writing to be insightful, beyond truth. It transcends time --

  8. Hey Lalia,

    Happy anniversary! We are celebrating our blog birthdays at the same time! Yayy!
    Wasn't this seven things really tough? I had the most awful time picking up seven! Will check out your links soon!

  9. Well happy anniversary! It's a great collection of posts. I just went and read Seven and Seven--it left me without words and a whole lot of respect for your strength courage.

    I recently returned from three weeks of mostly off-line time so I'm just getting caught up on my reading...and what do I find? The honour of being offered this challenge.

    OK, I accept. Thanks for that!