Sunday, April 3, 2011

My First Blog Award...

How cool is that?  My crazy ass stories actually received an award!  It is a unique award, shared from one blogger to another for no other reason than that you like the blog. I'm honored and touched that Cathy chose me.  I have been blogging for a long time (I have 2 other blogs), but this one is the most personal, the most revealing and truthfully my favorite one.  So the catch with the award is that I have to share this with 7 bloggers and tell seven things about myself. It won't be easy, this blog already is a whole lot of TMI, so coming up with seven more things I haven't yet admitted about myself seems kind of daunting.  But I'll give it ago!

1)  I have a fear of success that holds me back.  Could I make something out of this writing thing?  Maybe.  Could my catering business be more successful than it is?  Probably.  I hold myself back from strong pursuit of both because of fear.  This isn't new.  Back in the mid 80's when a different type of career I was pursuing started to take off in a big way, I had a nervous breakdown of sorts and threw it all away because of the blinding fear.

2)  I have a fear of failure.  Quite the juxtaposition isn't it?

3)  I have not told most of the people closest to me about this blog. 

4)  On any given day I could wake up and hate my life, hate my reflection in the mirror, hate my family, hate where I am and then something small and insignificant will change every one of those emotions.

5) For most people who know me know this isn't a big revelation but it's less intense revelation... I love vampires.  I have loved them since I read 'Salem's Lot by Stephen King in like 1979?  After that my love grew and evolved.  I can't think of anything more erotic than a bite on the neck.  Vampires are just fucking sexy.

6) I don't forgive someone who betrays me easily, or at all depending on the level of betrayal.   I could move past things or go on with my life but it will take a lot for me to forgive it.

7) I could not live without music.  Next to food and water to live, I need music.  I need to hear it every day.

Well... that wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be.  And now for the blogs.

Blood, Sweat and Sunday Gravy - The stories, the poems, the person behind them... they all move me.

Exploring Food My Way - Mostly restaurant reviews from the Akron and Cleveland areas, great information and photos.  And I'm happy to say Tom has become a good friend.

Pratt Falls - The best thing to come out of the wretched Charles Pratt's time as head writer on All My Children.  I love these gals!

Memorie di Angelina - Beautifully prepared and photographed food inspired by the writers Italian Grandma, Angelina (the same name as my beloved Italian Grandma)

Adventures of the Hope Warriors - A journey through the trials and tribulations of having cancer and just happens to be about one of my best friends.

Chexydecimal - Gossip on crack!  Pithy, witty and wise at the able hands of my darling Chexy!

Cake Wrecks - When cakes go bad is really fucking funny.

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