Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Strange Juxtaposition

I started thinking about the blog I'm about to write and the thought "TMI" came to mind.  Then upon further thought it dawned on me that this whole blog is one big TMI so why should this particular subject be any different. 

Right now, I have so many things on my mind.  Things that cause a lot of turmoil in my mind (how my father has given up on life).  Things that cause me a lot of pain (a friends illness).  Things that make me extremely angry (getting my no good, piece of shit, stupid ass lowlife of a cousin out of my Grandma's house).  And yet, through it all, my libido rages on.  Am I seriously talking about sex?   I am.  So how do I reconcile the pain and anger with the total horndog?  Is it that this mid 40's chick is hot to trot?  Is it normal?  Is it strange?  Am I a nympho?  Are my hormones out of whack?  Well if they are, I don't want them fixed.   When I'm not obsessing on something tragic or annoying, I'm thinking about sex.  When will I have it?  Will it be soon?  Can I get some now please?  Is my husband going to put out tonight? 

I kind of figure it's partially my age, partially my hormones, and partially a defense mechanism so I don't go completely mad.  Quite frankly, I don't care what the reason is, it feels good to know I'm not dead inside from the madness of the world around me.

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  1. Sweetie - don't question it!! EMBRACE IT!!! Wanting to have sex with you husband as often as possible is a wonderful thing (for him too lol). Considering how long you two have been together and how much you still wanna do the dirtydirty I think it's absolutely fabulous!!! Go for it as much as you (he) can <3