Sunday, October 3, 2010

Did She Really Say That?

Grandma was about 89 at the time.  She was living in the house she had lived in for well over 50 years.  The small bungalow that I have so many joyous memories of.  The tiny house with two kitchens.  It is a prerequisite if you're Italian to have two kitchens, the main one and a second one in the basement.  We do a lot of cooking.

On this particular visit, I was hanging out with Grandma after work and she had, of course, made me some fucking delicious dinner.  I don't remember what it was, but I know it was great because it was always great.  After we ate, we went into the living room to have espresso and talk.  She started to tell me about my cousin T and his wife G.  Gina was very pregnant with their first and they had come by for a visit a few days before.  Grandma was really put off because G was wearing a rather short skirt for someone in her condition.  G's also a big freakin whore, so you know, a miniskirt at 8 months pregnant isn't a big shocker.   It wasn't to me anyway.  But this was not something Grandma was down with.  She was disgusted by it in fact.  So disgusted that she said these words to me, "And there she was, sitting on my sofa with her legs spread and her pussy hanging out."  And I choked on my espresso!

It's not that I wasn't used to Grandma using colorful language.  Good Lord she could cuss with the best of them when she wanted to!   Hmmm... there's another thing I have in common with her.  But to hear an 89 year old woman saying "pussy," there was just something very hilarious and unsettling about it at the same time.   God love her.  I sure do.


  1. Hummm... Yours says "pussy" and mine asks where to go to get a B.O.B! :D

    Grandma's... Gotta love em! <3

  2. too mother in law was well into late stage dementia when she called my youngest daughter "old titty girl" and we all laughed our asses off about it...she would never have said that in her life had she not been disinhibited by dementia...
    grandmas can surprise you sometimes!