Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My First Poem

I inadvertently set my alarm this morning for 5:00 am.  I think I moved the alarm to on while dusting yesterday.  Anyway, as I lay there, annoyed at being woken up by such a horrendous sound and trying to fall back asleep, I started to recite this in my head.  I don't know why because I have never written a poem in my life. 

In My Secret Life....

In my secret life I'm thin, beautiful and the men all stop and stare
And for once it's not because my breasts are so big or because I have purple hair

In my secret life I'm very successful and own my own shop
I'm making Grandma's pizza and selling it for $18 a pop

In my secret life no one I love is sick or in pain
If I could take that from you all I would do it again and again

In my secret life the demons that haunt me would be buried deep
And I wouldn't be awake every night with them depriving me of sleep

In my secret life I'd be forever thirty nine
My 40's blow, but then again do I really want to go back in time?

In my secret life I would get through at least one day without tears
And that would be because I'd have conquered all of my fears

In my secret life I have sex every day, once or even more
What can I say, in my secret life I'm a bit of a whore

In my secret life I wouldn't be hurt by people who don't care
They would disappear from my orbit, vanish in thin air

My secret life sounds close to ideal
I guess in the end, it's not what I want because maybe then I wouldn't feel.


  1. Great poem Lalia. I think many of us wish for a secret life but few of us want to live it, what would we dream of then.

  2. You have to wake up more often at 5 a.m. Your poem is real and funny and slightly sad (one day without tears)and I loved it.

  3. Love it, especially the rhyming! At least it gives you something to strive for. . . Good luck with the fears, the sex, the demons, and the pizza! Oh, and all the rest too, of course.
    Josie x

  4. Hey Lalia -

    I don't think there is a right or a wrong way to express a poem. I used to think there was when I was younger and then someone said something to me that changed my mind. He said I don't have to understand how or why or what the poem is about. All I have to do is feel it. You felt this poem and you wrote it. And I like it. :)

  5. Very candid, very raw (in a good and honest way!)! I think a lot of us share in this secret desire, secret life. Thanks for finding the words for us, Lalia!